About Us

We have grown up interested in the land and spent many weekends camping and fishing in the forests of British Columbia and Alberta.  Growing up on a hobby farm in  BC and us being always crafting in our hobbies, we knew we had to make a change in our lifestyle.  So back in 2014 we moved to our land north of Edmonton, Alberta where we set up our homestead and began the dream of living close to the land.  We live off grid, using solar power and heating our home and shop with wood.  It has been a journey of learning and many of our friends and others we have talked with have this same interest.  Though many will never take the jump of lifestyle,  the interest grows, and weekend camping outings will, I'm sure, kindle the dream and at least will maintain a nature balance that keeps us all from going nuts !

So this store is our desire to supply others to live the dream.  If you are embarking on a 'back to the land ' journey or just enjoying your weekend camping and fishing trips I hope you will find something here to equip you on your journey.

From our family to yours,  many blessings!